PA # 20

“an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. so when life I dragging you back with difficulties it is going to launch you into something great. keep aiming”


PA # 12

the burried life project is defiantly my favourite assignment I’ve gotten in creative writing this semester. it allows me to look at my life with open eyes and gives me ideas for the future. I had always talked about making a bucket list but never got around to actually making one. 

PA # 10


last day of high school! it’s hard to be happy when you’re leaving behind so many great memories, but I’m excited to begin my life and look towards the future. 

setting #1

the room is quiet enough to hear a pin drop. the only distraction is that of the class that’s next to me. I can hear a teacher lecturing students who’s rowdy voices echo past me. I hear typing of keyboards, the sound is sharp but the pattern it carrys is relaxing. the air is warm and resembles the dim yellow lights that surround me. the room seems empty but the sudden sound of a paper move or a nose sniffle reminds me in a classroom.